Global & Local Investment Advisors has been a respected and growing investment advisory firm since 1999. With over R5 Billion in client assets to manage, in 2017 Global & Local Investment Advisors embarked on a strategy to search for an alternative way of managing assets within the Unit Trust arena. The challenge was to find something new and exciting.
Global & Local has for a long time been proud of our non-traditional approach to advising clients on their assets. A chance to meet with New York based asset managers New Age Alpha provided the right catalyst for Global & Local Asset Management to be formed and together with New Age Alpha and Salient Quantative Asset Management, we manage capital using leading edge investment management techniques.
Staying on the forefront of investing innovation is more important now than ever. A fast-changing stock market is constantly evolving with technology, as well as with a shifting economy and shifting market conditions. We believe that as the markets change, investors’ approach to security selection should change as well.

Therefore, Global & Local have partnered with New Age Alpha, who have developed an approach to investing that looks at risk and security analysis very differently. Rather than relying only on the most easily digestible and quantifiable facts, New Age Alpha dig deeply to measure investment risk and select stocks in a unique way.
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Staying on the forefront of investing innovation

The Unit Trust industry began in South Africa in late 60’s with the idea that you did not have to be a wealthy investor to have the returns enjoyed by those who had large share portfolios. Unit Trusts gave the smaller investors an opportunity to pool their capital and have the capital management by an investment industry professional thereby enjoying many of the advantages that the wealthy individual investors had.

Since then the number of and types have grown from equity only funds in the beginning, to multi-asset class funds, balanced funds, sector specific funds to passive funds and multi-manager fund. The problem is that active fund managers are trying to forecast future performance.

But alas these active managers are human and are prone to keeping a share for too long or selling to early, thus their “human factor” is high. Passive managers do not have a “human factor” but are simply blindly following some index.

What if there was a way to manage capital by using a passive method in an active way?

Meet the Team 

Mauro Forlin

Mauro has well rounded experience in the investment industry having begun his career in 1994 as Administrative Departmental Head at a SA unit trust management company.

Mauro then moved to investment banks and asset managers and finally built his own client investment consulting business. In 2009 he merged his business with Global & Local. Mauro has developed an understanding of all areas of asset management.

Mauro holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and an International Capital Markets Qualifications through the London Securities Institute and is a CFP.

Mauro is married, with 1 son and enjoys cycling.

Jaynesh Sukha

Jaynesh began his working career at Global & Local Investment Advisors in 2012 and has developed himself to be a very well-respected analyst. He left Global & Local for a short time to work for the biggest provider of Employee Benefit solutions in the country, but then returned home to Global & Local.

Jaynesh holds a BSC in Operations Research from UNISA.

Jaynesh is a family orientated person, who supports Manchester United and the Springboks.

Carl Isernhinke

Carl Isernhinke comes from an actuarial science background. He previously held the position of CIO at both Sasfin and Clade. Furthermore, he accumulated much experience in designing new products; notably his involvement with the PSG Escher multi-manager portfolio construction and has received the Spire Innovation Award for creating the first South African Bond ETF.

Carl holds a BSC Honors in Actuarial Sciences from Wits University. Carl is also a shareholder of an acrobatic company called “The Cirk” where he is an accomplished aerialist, specialising in trapeze and has experience in performing in front of local and international audiences.

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